Warrior Goddess Training Workshop


It all started when…

About two years ago Brenda discovered the book Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara, (she has read it 5 times since). February 2018 Brenda created the Warrior Goddess Training Workshop as a trail to see if it would be beneficial to other young ladies. The group was a total success, they learned, they cried, they were together in every moon cycle for a whole month. So Brenda has decided to do it again! more structure=more learning! Hurray! 

Here is a review from the February session: 

"Warrior Goddess Training was such an empowering and supportive experience filled with pure love and light. I feel that I came out of it a stronger woman and am grateful for the personal growth I achieved with the help of new sisters. Thank you Brenda for creating such an amazing group, I can't wait for the next session!" Emily K ( Sustainable fashion designer)

:: Here is what is going to happen in Warrior Goddess Training May 2018 ::

Week 1 : Introduction to Warrior Goddess

The first meeting is very important, this is where we all get to know a bit about each other and connect to our designated goddess that will guide us for the month! This first meeting we will learn basic astrology( Please find out your birth time and place before this) serve cacao and have a small ceremony, Cacao is a Mayan superfood! it opened the heart, moves blood, is very high in magnesium, releases serotonin! You will come out extremely happy and if you are on your moon it will help the flow. 

Week 2 : Tincture Making

What is a tincture? A tincture is simply a liquid extract of an herb that you take by mouth. The nice thing about tinctures is they concentrate the useful chemical constituents and medicinal properties of the herb into a liquid (usually alcohol, a vegetable glycerin, or even apple cider vinegar).  We will go over the basics of potion making and using plants and crystal infusions. We will be making our own to take home and watch develop and grow! 

** If you have specific herbs you want to work with please let me know I will try to sort it out! 

Week 3 : Aromatherapy & TCM

This is an exciting week! We will learn the bare bone fundamentals for Chinese Medicine's point of view of essential oils and aroma therapy! We will learn about the elements, the seasons, our own constitutions and what works to help and guide us! 

Week 4 : Smudging Herbs

We will smell, see, touch and learn about smudging herbs! What are smudging herbs? in many traditions all over the world wordship fire, it is of our primal nature to be drawn to it since it an element that allowed our evolution to get to where we are now! cooking, heat in the winter, boiling water for drinking! We will finish the month with a cacao meditation and  good byes! 

What do I need to know about this workshops:

DATES & Time : We will be meeting May 4, 11, 18,24 at 7:30pm

Where : Brenda's apartment in Bushwick Brooklyn e-mail/text for exact address 

How long are the workshops: The actual workshops are 1-2 hours But we hang out and share snacks after

Cost : The exchange for this month long course is $100 for the whole month

Venmo/paypal/cash accepted. 

That comes out to $25 a class! Snacks will be provided as well as drinks! 

If you are called to bring any snacks by all means! we are all growing girls we food is always welcomed. 

Thank you for reading & Hope to see your face in May 


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