Kali Blouse

Kali Blouse

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::Tradicional Mexican Blouses ::

I am so stoked to release the collaboration I am about to launch with my friend Carmen! I met Carmen last August when I was walking to the gym. She is an artisan who makes and works with other Mexican women to create traditional embroidered Mexican blouses as well as bags. I’ve been purchasing from her little things for me and my family, but I now it’s my duty as a Mexican woman to give back to Mexican women!

I payed full price in dollars for them because I want to empower and assure they are getting their worth.

When I picked up the blouses I was asking Carmen about her process and how she learned and got into the trait. She told me her father taught her when she was little and how she’s not even sure how she makes them because she feels like her knowledge is so intuitive and comes straight from spirit. That’s when I knew I had to work with her.


I look forward to sharing their creations with you all and I know the love and care will translate into the people wearing them.

About the shirt ::

Kali is a goddess of death but She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. Having a personal connection to this Goddess I can personally say working with her has gotten me where I am today. Kali has taken everything out of my path that no longer serves me, from toxic tendencies to people. I am so grateful For her power and humbled she works with me.

Working with this Goddess is a commitment to surrender, once you have committed to putting yourself to her service there will be results but they may not manifest exactly as you think. Kali Maa gives you exactly what you need. I suggest working with her when you are ready for a deep deep transformation.

Wearing Ritual ::

this blouses have taken hours of caring and hand crafting, treat them with love and respect. Wear this blouses when you are celebrating, when you are feeling the most radiant, or when you need some help feeling radiant. This blouses hold love, culture, and tradition-they should be treated as such.

(Hand wash them for extra care )

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